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Our production is mostly focused on: gray lamellar casting iron and ductile casting iron GGS from kg. 200 to kg. 40.000.
The foundry has all equipment for manual production of special pieces, using electric and methane rotary ovens.
The company provides a flask fleet, that allows to consider any kind of casting both in shape and dimension, up to a maximum unit weight of kg. 40.000.
The typology of used iron can be: iron for mechanical use, heat-proof iron, corrosion-proof iron, nickel-chrome-copper- molybdenum alloyed iron, nodular iron.
pumps and compressors, tooling machines, textile machines, rubber and plastic machines, packaging machines, printing machines (rotary printing, heliography, etc.), paper machines, machines for the leather industry, marble machines, food industry machine tools, stamping mills (rocks and minerals, energy industry, aeolian industry.
The company produces components for several key industries, including

Pumps and compressors
Tooling ING machines
Textile machines
Rubber and plastic machine
Packaging machines
Printing machines (rotary printing, heliographic, etc.)
Paper machinery
Machines for the leather industry
Marble machinery
Food industry machine tools
Machinery for crushing rocks and minerals
Stamping mills rocks and minerals
Aeolian industry
Industrial gear and gear poxes manufactures
List industry
Gas and wind power industries
Cement industries
Stamping tools
iron castings
 Quality iron castings
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en gjl 350
gh 190
gh 210
GH 240